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Linda was a pleasure to work with learning about LTC policies and digesting the information to finally decide what policy was best for me. She is very thorough, yet still keeps in mind that her clients time is valuable. Her approach is more of an educational process. She is calm and methodical in her presentation of information and does a great job sharing her vast knowledge and experience. She also has quite a fun demeanor… which made it enjoyable each time we talked. When we were done with our conversations I always felt positive. All insurance agents would do well following her lead. I will definitely recommend Linda to family, friends, and associates.


I worked with Linda over the phone, and she did an excellent job in describing my choices in purchasing insurance. She kept in contact throughout the process, and made sure I had all my questions answered. Her confidence and experience gave me confidence. I could not be more pleased with the service I received.


Circumstances do not allow me to use Linda's brokerage services at this time, but when you find someone who is willing to work with you, to help you understand different options - and who seems to understand when the timing may not be right, you can bet I will keep Linda in mind! I would recommend her to anyone who needs to have someone to help them with insurance issues. Thank you, Linda, for helping us to understand what we can do now. Sara

Dick & Carole Ellingsworth

I have heard bits and pieces about LTC insurance for some time and concluded that we needed to take a close look for ourselves. A web search led us to Linda and she was able to furnish us both a comprehensive overview and answers to all of our questions. I would recommend her services without reservation.

John and Joyce

Linda met us on the phone a year before our retirement. We were very skeptical about the need and affordability of long term care ins. She listened well, understood our feelings and needs, and then proceeded to address our questions and concerns, step by step. She speaks from her own experience in the need for ltc. She was kind, informative, considerate. Most of all, however, she would not present pressure to buy or decide to buy. She was very careful to keep informative but neutral in her eliciting a response. This worked so well to establish trust along with flexibility in our efforts to plan for the future. We highly recommend her.


It was a delight to work with Linda on the phone/web this morning regarding LTC. She made every thing clearly understandable. Documents were provided immediately along with explanation on how to access and use. I look forward to working with her again.

Sverrir and BJ

Based on our experience we recommend Ms. Linda Sotirion when buying a long-term care insurance policy. We bought ours back in the year 2009. At the time she explained what the policy covered at what additional features could be bought. She responded clearly to our numerous questions. Since then she has taken the time to contact us to review with us what our specific policy covers. We like this aspect of her services very much.


Many thanks to Linda for her patient and expert explanation of my long-term care insurance options! I felt much more confident in my decisions because of my discussions with her.

Henry Thierry

Linda did a great job of explaining LTC options and mechanisms, including John Hancock and many other companies.I finally got off the fence. She is the real deal !

Paul Arnold

Having just experienced my father having to wipe out my grandmother's life savings and take a big bite out of his own, I wanted to get LTC so that my children wouldn't have to drain their assets to pay for mine. Linda was such a HUGE help in helping me decide the best policy for my needs. She found a policy that I was very comfortable with and the premiums were exactly where I wanted to be. Thank you Linda!

Larry and Valerie

Linda helped us greatly, locating a company that would insure us with our preexisting conditions and tailoring a plan that fits our budget and future needs. Her professional approach is greatly appreciated, as well as her good humor and well grounded common sense. Thank you, Linda, for educating us about LTC insurance and streamlining the process for us!

C Murphy

I highly recommend Linda Sotirion for someone seeking to navigate the confusing and daunting world of long-term health care insurance. She knows her business, is very conscientious and very patient. Need I say more?

M. Audet

Linda was extremely helpful and professional throughout our process of purchasing LTC. While buying insurance is never fun, Linda made the process clear, explained everything, was willing to go over infinite options and made the experience, dare I say, enjoyable. Her explanations of a most confusing product that is LTC were fantastic. By the end, my wife and I were extremely happy with the policy we came up with and it wouldn't have been possible without Linda's professionalism, expertise and awesome personality. Kudos!! I will definitely recommend to friends and I already told our financial adviser that they need to formally vet her and start referring clients to her...well done.

Lynn West

Thanks for all your help, Linda. You made me comfortable with my choices and handled my policy in a thoroughly professional manner.


Linda is a consummate professional who expertly helped me navigate the complex field of long-term care insurance. In her initial presentation, she explained the terminology and reviewed multiple factors that I needed to consider in choosing the appropriate coverage. She then helped me set my priorities and clarify my requirements. In subsequent sessions Linda guided me through the process of selecting the insurance that was right for me. She was infinitely patient in answering a myriad questions I had, always keeping in mind the big picture and at the same time being attentive to minute details. She impartially compared offerings from many companies, thoughtfully advised me on which options were worth having and which were not in my particular situation, and went through numerous iterations until I was completely satisfied with the result. I highly recommend Linda to anyone who is looking for a caring and skilled professional in the field of long-term care insurance.

Nancy Lawler

Linda put me at ease from the beginning. She listened to my questions and needs and then explained all options. In the several conversations we have had I feel besides being a great source for long term health care programs she makes it clear that she is a friend at your disposal for any questions you have. I felt a great relief following our final conversation that Linda helped my make important decision for my life that now I don’t have to worry about. Linda is a pleasure to work with and really down to earth. I will recommend her to others.

Marshall & Ann Bryan

We continue to have a very positive experience working with Linda. We find her to be thorough,knowledgeable and terrific at offering advice. It's obvious that she truly cares about and believes in the benefits of long term care coverage.

Di Hayes

Linda was helpful in assisting me to navagate the system. She listened to my needs and helped me to design a plan that would be best meet my future concerns and needs. She is always a professional and easy to work with. I would recommend her highly!

Julie Neustadt

Linda has been an indispensable resource for me to navigate the complexities of longterm care insurance. She knows the comprehensive and multiple factors pertaining to LTC and I am very appreciative that she is so adept at explaining and educating her clients and initiating us into the world of LTC. Linda stayed with me throughout the entire process and with her power point presentation online she was able to show me comparative estimates between the various companies, thus saving me many hours of aggravation. I i will be forever grateful to Linda and am sure I will thank her in later years for her support and guidance.

Joe/Connie Short

Linda was a true professional in assisting us with our Long Term Care Insurance purchase. We spoke with3 or 4 other representatives in our search, but she was by far the most knowledgeable, and the best at explaining all of the different benefits. We would certainly highly recommend her for those looking for a LTC professional!

Al DiCenso

Linda did an excellent job of explaining all of the details of Long Term Care Financial Planning policies, programs and costs. Her comprehensive guidance and knowledge were indispensible in our decision-making process. We will definitely recommend her to any friends of relatives considering, or inquiring about, such a program.
Linda was a pleasure to work with learning about LTC policies and digesting the information to finally decide what policy was best for me. She is very thorough, yet still keeps in mind that her… Read More


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